Corporate Edition helps you effectively engage your customers in your store. Photobooth provides a fun way for your customers to create shareable content while allowing you to customize the experience.

Hiring a Photo booth from a Professional Photographer can cost you $600-$800 for just 3-4 hours. Photobooth operates every hour, every day, consistently and automatically providing the fun customer experience you want.

Photobooth is quick! Within a minute of completion, the customer can receive their photos with your watermark/corporate brand. This allows them to share it while it’s hot.

Photobooth lets your customers become creative and create viral content. Once they receive their content (with your brand) they are free to share it on their social networks.


  • Control which filters and effects your customers will use
  • Settings to help you manage the maximum time your customers can interact with Photobooth

Fully Branded

  • Customizeable Background of the Interface
  • Automatic Watermark of all photos with your branding.
  • Emails are sent from your corporate email address and can be templated to match your marketing message.

Priority Support

  • Priority Access with direct Email support / response
  • Ability to remotely update booths with minimal staff interaction

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What does the price include? a software license to operate Photobooth registered with one piece of hardware, (volume licenses are available), customization of all out-going email (From, Subject, Message Body), automatic branding of all images, priority support and all software updates.

Who provides the hardware/laptop/tablet? Photobooth is compatible with an extremely large set of operating systems and platform, pricing is based on the software service only and does not include any hardware maintenance fees. We can provide you with hardware recommendations.

What do I need to run Photobooth? See our hardware check.

Is there a setup fee? We will provide you with a guide to setting up and managing your Photobooth(s).

How long does it work for? As long as the device is turned on and the software is launched. This means Photobooth operates continuously throughout the day with little-to-no staff interaction.

Does it work wall-mounted? Yes, Photobooth will correctly align itself based on the orientation of the hardware (secure-mount, wall-mount, etc.).

Does it work in Kiosk Mode? Yes, Photobooth is designed to work in Kiosk mode, which means your customers have access to just the Photobooth.

Can you do Purchase Orders?  Yes, we can do POs with an annual contract. Contact us for more details.

Can I align this with my marketing campaign? Definitely! Contact us to start the discussion.

What does Priority Support mean? You get an individualized support email and agent who will respond to your requests.