Easy Webcam Photobooth

Run a photobooth on your laptop using a webcam (like the one in your laptop) to capture a series of still photos and automatically prompt to email the picture. We provide you with modifiable templates to overlay the pictures taken so you can automatically add your logo to each photo taken.

It’s very easy!

  1. Setup your computer or laptop on a stand or chair.
  2. Launch Easy Webcam Photobooth
  3. Change any settings you might need in the settings screen.
  4. Invite your guests to take fun group photos!



  • Add YOUR LOGO automatically to each photo.
  • No need to track down pictures. Easy Webcam Photobooth automatically saves the pictures on your computer. Pictures are only stored on your computer and no where else.
  • Email your guests a copy! Easy Webcam Photobooth can ask your guests for an email address to send them a copy of their picture! (Requires internet connection).
  • Works with the majority of webcams check here to see if it works on your system..
  • Easy to Use.
  • Easy to Setup – all you need is a computer with a webcam and google chrome installed.


How do I modify my logo?

A logo is overlayed on top of the photos. It’s very easy to customize your photo overlay. See below the difference between having an overlay vs not.

Easy Photobooth can create photos without a logo overlay.
Without Overlay.
Easy Photobooth can create photos with a customized logo overlay.
With Customized Overlay.

To modify your logo read the step-by-step illustrated instructions here.

What you need (System Requirements)

  • Computer with Webcam installed or built-in.
  • Installed Google Chrome (free)
  • (Optional) Internet Connection. You can set the Easy Webcam Photobooth to ask for an email address to send the picture to. This will require an internet connection with our server to email the picture. Note, depending on your internet connection, data charges from your internet provider may apply please check with the facility.
  • Space Requirements: Photos are stored only on your laptop. Each photo is approximately 1MB. This means for every 1 gigabyte (GB) of free space you can store approximately 800 photos.

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