Creating Your Own Logo Overlay

One of the benefits of using Easy Webcam Photobooth is that you can customize your own logo overlay easily. It’s perfect for the DIY event photobooth. You don’t need to have any special or expensive software like photoshop (but you can use if you have it). To help position your logo and decorations it’s recommended that you take a set of pictures in the desired layout and then use that as a guide for your logo. More detailed instructions below.

Try along with a sample photo(1.5 mb) or run the demo to get your own photo.

We have a screen-recording showing how you can create your own custom overlay using

Here are detailed instructions using the free Windows Image Editor called to create your own photobooth overlay. Again, you can use any image editor that allows you to create modify png files (eg Photoshop). You only need to do this once for every time you want to change your logo, after that every set of pictures you take will use the same logo.

  1. Launch Easy Webcam Photobooth

    Launch Easy Webcam Photobooth from your application launcher.
  2. Click on the button labeled Settings to open the Settings menu.
    Easy Webcam Photobooth Mainscreen
  3. Choose the location to save all your pictures by clicking on Change Save Directory button.
  4. Choose the layout setting you want by clicking on the drop down beside Layout Type.
    Easy Webcam Photobooth Settings Menu
  5. Click on the button labeled Close.
  6. Take 4 pictures by clicking on the button labeled ‘Start Set’, or clicking on the Live Preview Screen, or clicking on the Black Button.
  7. Easy Photobooth will take four pictures and save the file in the directory you specified in Settings.
  8. Open the file in
    Click on File then Open in Pain.Net
  9. Select the picture file in the open file dialog.
    Select the picture file Easy Webcam Photobooth created. Showing the loaded picture.
  10. Ensure that the Layers Panel is displayed by going to Window then selecting Layers
    Screenshot showing how to access Layers Panel in by going to Window then Layers.
  11. Add Layer by clicking on the little white square with a green plus icon.
    Screenshot showing how to add a new layer by clicking on the Add Layer icon.
    Screenshot showing what happens after you created a new layer.
  12. Add decoration such as borders in this layer by making sure it remains selected. Add text or logo in the place you want by using the tools (have fun by drawing lines and borders or adding text.)
    Screenshot of with decorations displayed
  13. Remove background Layer by selecting the Background Layer in the Layers Panel and then clicking the button with the red X to delete the layer. You should see a checkered background behind and around the decorations you set. The checkered background represents the parts of the group image that will show through.
    Screenshot of with only decorations displayed and background layer removed.
  14. Save as transparent PNG in a known location by clicking on File in the menu bar, then Save As. Select PNG as the file type.
    Screenshot of to save image as PNG click on File then Save As.
    Screenshot of to set File Type as PNG by clicking on dropdown beside Save As Type.
    Click the OK button to use the default configuration, ensure that you can see the checkered background.
    Screenshot of to for Save Configuration.
  15. You may be asked to Flatten the layers. Click on Flatten.
    Screenshot of confirming to Flatten Image.
  16. Set as logo by going back into Easy Webcam Photobooth, then Clicking on Settings, and Choose Logo… then select the logo file you just created.
    Easy Webcam Photobooth Settings Menu

That’s it! Easy Webcam Photobooth will use the same logo overlay for all your groupshots. If you have any questions or if you would like to request an overlay be created for you contact us at You can always try a free demo.