Easy Webcam Photobooth Guide

Easy Webcam Photobooth was designed to be super simple to use. You can setup in minutes and start taking fun photo booth group pictures at your wedding and/or event.

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Quick Guide


  1. Verify that you have a Chrome Browser and Webcam installed on your computer.
  2. Buy and install Easy Webcam Photobooth from the Chrome Web store.


  1. Decide and test the settings you want.
  2. Set up computer with webcam pointed at area where you want people to pose.
  3. Launch Easy Webcam Photobooth

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I take Pictures? – Easy Webcam Photobooth will take automatically take 4 pictures when you click on the Live Preview Video, the Button Labeled “Start Set” or the Circle button that glows green when you move your mouse over it.
  • How do Increase/Decrease the time between Pictures? – You can change the number of seconds in the settings menu (click on the button labeled “Settings” then change the number beside “Seconds between each picture”). This is also the time you get after you first click to take pictures.
  • How do I add my Logo? – With Easy Webcam Photobooth you can add your customized logo to each group set See the step-by-step instructions here.
  • How do I remove a Logo? – Under the settings menu, click the button labeled “Remove Logo”.
  • How many Layout Types are there? – Currently, Easy Webcam Photobooth comes with 2 different layout types: a vertical strip of 4 pictures, and a horizontal 2×2 pictures. You can see illustrations of the two types in the Settings Menu.
  • Where are my group pictures stored? – Easy Webcam Photobooth automatically stores the pictures on your computer in the folder specified under Settings. You can change this any time by clicking on Change Save Directory.
  • How do I email a copy of each picture? – In settings check the box beside “Email Copy of Picture” and fill in a Reply-To email address below it.
  • Do you store a copy of my pictures? – No, we do not. If you check the box to email, a copy of the picture is temporarily sent to our server so that we can email your guest on their behalf but that picture is deleted immediately after the picture is sent. We have no way of recovering your pictures since they are only stored on your computer.
  • How can we have different layout types? – Make an arrangement with me at photobooth@weddingsystem.ca.
  • Do you have a (free) demo – Why yes we do. It’s right here