Getting Started with Photobooth

Setup in Easy Steps

You will need:

  • Computer, laptop, or Windows Surface Tablet with Google Chrome Installed with Webcam
  • Google Account (free)
  • Internet Connection for Installation (Not necessary for actual operation)

Installation Directions

  1. Open up the Photobooth Chrome Webstore Link in Google Chrome
  2. Click the button labeled “Install”
  3. Wait for Program to Download and Install onto your computer (this may take 1-2 minutes depending on speed of connection and computer).

Quick Start

  1. You should see an icon or shortcut labelled “Photobooth” in the Metro Application Launcher (Windows), Applications Menu (Mac OS X), or in the Google Chrome App Launcher
  2. Click the button labeled “Photobooth” to launch. 


Yes! Photobooth is completely free but if you would like to upgrade your experience with extra effects and layouts you can via in-application upgrades. Talk to us about how we can help engage your customers through a photobooth.